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FB Biz Page Tip! Get 5 New Likes without spending a Dime!

October 19, 2016

I have 2 Facebook business pages, one for my main business social media/virtual assisting services & the other a collaborative effort with my husband for fitness. I’ve haven’t worked the Fitness one as a business so it was the lowest my list of social media priorities and as such as a little stagnate. I’ve started posting on it again the in the past few weeks & decided to grow the page by getting more Likes. This is not a page where I want to invest any advertising money in at this point so I’ve been trying several different FREE strategies.

  • Invite my Friends to Like the page: Worked when I initially started the page because it was ‘new’ so I got a flurry of Likes. I have 1,200 friends and Facebook has limits on how many you can invite at a time so you need to follow those parameters. Invite 10 of your Friends/day, these Likes won’t come in all at once but they will trickle in over time. If you don’t get a Like in a few weeks send that person a Private Message with the link to your page and a thank you in advance for supporting your business. Offer to Like a page if they have one – there’s nothing wrong with a Like for a Like!
  • Post on the Like-for-a-Like threads: If you’ve done this you know that many people there ‘post & run’ (they don’t reciprocate)! I only spend about 15 minutes a month Liking pages in hopes of the promised reciprocation. Low Commitment – Low Reward but you can find them by searching for: #FanPageFriday #FacebookFanPage #FacebookFanFriday #FanPageParty these are active on Fridays but you can post on new threads on Thursday.
  • Share my Business page on my Personal page: I try not to do this often. I don’t want my friends to start to ignore my Personal page because it’s perceived that I’m ‘selling’ to them. I share a post from my Business page once every two weeks just as a reminder of what I do. I notice that when I do this I don’t always get a new Like but I do get more engagement on my Business page.
  • Put a simple message on my Personal page which was “My Fitness page (Azimuth Fitness) will have Healthy Eating & Fitness Tips as I work to become Fitter & Lighter before the holidays. Join Me there. :-). “ A few points to note, I did NOT include a graphic, I did NOT include my fitness website but I did tag my business page so they could click right on it. That’s it, a low-key ‘FYI’ message to my friends not asking them for a Like but inviting them to watch my journey unfold. I had a new LIKE on that page within minutes. By the end of the night I had 7 new LIKES now that’s not huge but it’s momentum & I’d say that’s a win for a free strategy that took me 15 seconds to implement.


Try one or all of these free strategies to market your Business page without spending a dime. All-in your time commitment for these 4 strategies is under 30 minutes (weekly).

Do you have another free strategy to grow your Business page? Let me know if  you’ve tried any of these and what type of success you’ve had.

If I haven’t Liked your Business page invite me or send the link to me a PM. I only ask that you Like one of my Business pages (DaRosa New Media or Azimuth Fitness) back so we can support each other.

I offer a free marketing review of your Business page – reach out & let’s see if I can help you get more exposure on Facebook so you can get new business before the holidays.

See you on Facebook! Liz