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Social Media | Web Content | Email Marketing

Woman-Owned Small Business
Health & Fitness Industry
Realty Navigator, Annapolis/Kent Island, MD
Woman-Owned Small Business
Real Estate Industry
Batelz App, Washington D.C. Metro
Minority/Woman-Owned Start-Up
Technology Industry
Boutique Public Relations Firm (confidential client), Los Angeles, CA
Woman-Owned Small Business
5th Largest 10k in the U.S., Stevensville, MD
Road Racing Industry
American High School, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Minority Woman-Owned Small Business
Homeschool Industry
Club Pooche, Columbia, MD
Woman-Owned Small Business
Doggie Daycare & Training
SHRM Chapter
LeAndra McMullen, Los Angeles, CA
Woman-Owned Small Business
Health & Fitness Industry
Woman-Owned Small Business
Private Investigation Industry
Monat Edge, Texas
Woman-Owned Small Business
Health & Beauty Industry
MYDCT, St. Clair Shores, MD
Minority Woman-Owned Small Business
Business Solution Service Industry
Save Solid, Brooklyn, NY
Office Product Industry
YMCA of the Chesapeake, Eastern Shore of Maryland
Non-Profit Organization
Community Fitness
Minimalist Website (confidential client), New York
Woman-Owned Small Business
Career Coaching Workshop

U.S. Army, Ft. Meade, MD

Personal Branding Workshop, April 15, 2015
Personal Branding Workshop, April 15, 2015

Diversity Training
Mindgrub Technologies, Baltimore, MD
High-tech & a Best Company to Work for 2015, 2016, 2017

Social Media Branding
Liz has been awesome in working with me to make sure I am delivering the right message to my market [on Facebook], and targeting the right leads for my business. She’s been instrumental in building my Twitter followers as well!  (Natalie Palombi, Owner of Natalie Palombi Fitness)

LinkedIn Training
Liz has been awesome at navigating me through Linked In to help me build a powerful profile that has attracted a lot of attention. So much so I am now a LION. Thank you Liz for you help, tips and dedication to helping me reach my Linked In goals every week. If you need help with rethinking your Link In position – Liz is your coach. (Dr. Tami Erickson, Owner of Bit of Everything)

Instagram Training
Liz provides an excellent beginners course on Instagram. In an hour she helped me create an account and come up with an initial strategy for posts. Within 3 days with Liz’s help, one of my posts was featured on @kentislandmd profile with over 100 Likes. She continues to provide daily tips and suggestions for improving my posts to get the most impact for my business. (Krista Williams, Owner of A Pictured Perspective on Kent Island, MD)

Career Transition – Coaching Clients
Coaching is the practice of guiding an individual through a process. We all know that military transition can be a difficult process fraught with anxiety and uncertainty which makes having a professional coach an option worth considering for many. I highly recommend Liz daRosa for career coaching and personal branding. Liz can also help you start that military-to-civilian resume you’ve been putting off and get you started in the right direction for whatever your career goals may be. Liz will reduce your frustration and give you sound, professional advice going forward with objective opinions to steer you in the right direction. (Col. Robert Fagan, MA, MBA)

CV Assistance
CV Assistance

Mrs. daRosa is a truly dedicated professional with a deep appreciation and understanding of the commitment to duty and diverse performance environments of transitioning military service members. This appreciation coupled with her extensive knowledge of highly desirable organizational skills and employee qualities provide her with an excellent ability to provide effective coaching and mentorship throughout the process of transitioning from military service. I highly recommend that transitioning military service members contact Liz daRosa and discuss recommended services that are tailored to reflect each individual’s achievements and performance potential. Her council continues to play an integral part in my military retirement and transition to my next career. (SGM Robert Kendall, MA)

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