HR: Talent & Employee Relations

1st Time Supervisor’s Training: Show the connection between organizational documents, such as employee handbook, and their day-to-day work. Describe best practices for managing and leading a team to ensure proper boundaries, to motivate, and to focus on the prescribed outcomes.

Career Development Planning: Working 1:1 and department-by-department to capture training needs, identify areas of opportunity and leveraging employees strengths for their development & the betterment of the organization.

Compliance Reporting: Support or advise in-house HR on compliance reporting to ensure adherence with federal, state, local and industry-specific requirements.

Employee Relations: Deliver motivational talks/workshops to increase employee engagement and show the organization cares about their contributions.

Strategic Plans: Partner with the CEO/Executive Team to draft a strategic plan in-line with the vision & trends in the industry. Using a model of continuous improvement get buy-in of all levels of the organization in the development and roll-out of the Strategic Plan.  

Core Competencies:  * Compliance * Career Development * Leadership * Motivating Teams * Strategic Planning * Training

Liz has been in director-level positions that focused on main Human Resources functions for almost two decades (focused on Career Development, Training and Compliance). She is active in the SHRM community as Board Member of Communications & Public Relations for the Howard County Human Resources Society (2015-2016).

She has presented on career development and continuous improvement on 3 continents (North America, Europe and Asia) and is published in the peer-reviewed journal, Advances in Developing Human Resources. Alternative Dispute Resolution: Results of An HRD Manager’s Abdication of Her Training Responsibility, February 2001.

Her most recent project was the development & delivering of Diversity Training to the leadership and staff at Mindgrub Technologies, in Baltimore.


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